Hitting the Notes

50 Years of Highway 61

Bob Dylan is probably the most reluctant messiah figure since Brian Cohen, and when he was really feeling it, which was almost always, he was nearly as funny and much, much louder. Probably the best of these times was captured in 1965’s Highway 61 Revisted, part two of Dylan’s electric trilogy that would revolutionize pop music while alienating the audience that first led to his success in albums like Freewheelin’ and The Times They Are a’ Changin and would be screaming “Judas” by ‘66. He might have come off more mature or refined in Blonde on Blonde, but this fuckin’ album...when you start with the gunshot of the greatest song of all time and never let off the pedal, you’ve made something good. It’s a brilliant, shining, rocking, electric, unrestrained LP without a dull or bad cut. There’s a lot of shit said about artists who supposedly refuse to be labeled, but Dylan’s one of the only ones who actually had the balls to do it.

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